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Warmists lack critical thinking skills
Why would I make that dismissive headline?

Here at THIS forum thread are excellent examples of feeble warmists replies to the forum thread Headline: Looks Like The Cat's Out Of The Bag.... 

The post was about a Gallup Poll showing that Americans doesn't even think Climate change is even considered a concern, doesn't show up in the PDF at all. Here is the question from the Poll:

Quote:What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?  [OPEN-ENDED]

That is THE question the people were asked, NOT A SINGLE MENTION about global warming or climate change can be found on it, not a single time! People were free to mention anything as a concern, but not once did they mention it.

However these few warmist/alarmists can't handle it, as they try to counter it, wretchedly they try. Keep in mind they are reacting to the Gallup Poll and her statement at post 1:

Quote:Remember this, from the first Republican President?

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Looks like the Global Warming Scam has run its course.

 and this headline she got from HERE that Political Chick posted:

Quote:New Gallup Poll: Americans do not even mention global warming as a problem – 36 ‘problems’ cited, but not climate

Confounding makes the first warmist response: 

"I guess Europe, Asia and the scientists who know more about it than anybody need to catch up with retards from the United States."

Impressive huh?

Maybe this one is better from Ritewinger ?

"Looks like Conservative misinformation is working"

Those are actual full replies, fully quoted, which completely avoids the posted headline and the results of the Gallup Poll results. They improve as time moved on the thread? Jusdge for yourself as Confounding replies to Billy_bob:

"The world would laugh at us if the abject stupidity in this country wasn't so dangerous. I've given up on trying to convince people like you that scientists the world over are not in on a conspiracy to scam us into giving them grant money. It's enough to know historians will look back and talk about how people like you were stupid as fuck."

who then at the very next post in reply to his fellow warmist comment I have quoted, ritewinger:

"It's seriously embarrassing. A bunch of fuck mouthed rednecks from the United States have unraveled the global conspiracy being pushed by some of the most educated people on Earth. Right..."

Notice they still completely avoid the Gallup poll and her statement at POST ONE about Americans not citing global warming/climate change as a concern worth bringing up, it tears them up but come out swinging with dead on arrival replies that doesn't help them at all, but they don't seem to realize how hollow they are in the process. They nothing to say about the poll or what Political Chick is saying at all.

Then another irrational warmist comes along at post 15 with a dead on arrival reply:

"Where do you find all these crazies, Marc Morano, hanging out on conservative threads."

That was the full post, impressive at saying nothing of value and avoiding the polls results totally.

Then next two posts are from confounding, who by now is has lost his cool with his typical ugliness:

"You'd think somebody that went to college for 6 years would be a little better at typing English. The scientists are not lying to us. People like you are a detriment to our species."


This sentence outs you as a fucking idiot"

Charming replies.....

The thread is now 17 pages long, but warmists never came up with a rational reply to post one at all, heck they started getting replies from skeptics such as BILLY BOB in page two with some science stuff, the replies there were these gems from guess who? confounding of course with his usual litany of dead on arrival replies:

replying to billy_bob who has a Masters in Atmosphere Physics:

"Welp, that seals it. You better send this info to the scientific institutions all over the world that disagree with your position. Humanity must know the truth. Go, now."


"You should go make a fortune showing scientists that they are wrong about global warming."


"If you disproved global warming you'd be famous. Scientists love realizing they're wrong because it improves our understanding of the world around us. Scientific institutions all over the planet disagree with you. Something tells me somebody with an 8th grade understanding of how to use the English language is not going around disproving global warming."

So far just dead end comments that are insulting, data and evidence free and plain stupid, are all warmists could bring up. They never did address the Gallup poll at all as it was too hard for them to handle as it explodes the chicken little whining they have been making for around 30 years now, surely sane people would get tired of the of the "oh my god we are gonna to die soon" bullcrap, plus their failed numerous doomsday predictions have FAILED to move the public who knows better than to fall for a cheap scaremongering propaganda.

This is actually a typical exchange between well educated skeptics and ignorant warmists who doesn't have a cogent reply to offer, just insulting dismissive statements with little to no science literacy seen. They are dupes too stupid to realize they are making complete fools of themselves on the internet, as ideology fanatics is a poor way to be informed on anything in the real world.

Frankly I question their sanity when they avoid real debate for fanatical and angry replies, often ignoring the original topic at hand, here are few more empty comments warmist/alarmists could dredge up from their fevered indoctrinated minds:

"The scientific community accepted what Copernicus said because he proved he was right. Like you mentioned, it was religious nut jobs that tried to suppress his work. Scientists love when big ideas are proven to be wrong. Religious nut jobs that believe in fairy tales are the ones that don't believe in science. You are no Copernicus dude, sorry."


"Thank you for demonstrating that you don't understand the difference between a theory and a hypothesis. That home school religious brain washing you got sure did you a lot of good."


"You barely grasp how to use the English language. Where exactly do you teach people about AGW lies? Color me skeptical"


"That's nice honey, but you already demonstrated that you don't understand the difference between a theory and a hypothesis. Your parents did you a real disservice." 

all this and more from confounding at page 3 of 17, there are more of his dribble, dabble in the page three..... but...…. Zzzzz.

skookerasibil pointed this out at post 8:

"Been saying it for 5 years.
...the evidence is daunting.

Even most young people laugh when "global warming" comes up for discussion. It was a fad for the hopelessly duped, many who now know the score and dont want to look like a jackass![Image: cul2.gif][Image: cul2.gif]. "

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