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No One Can Understand My Global Warming Argument
I think we need to expand on our search for evidence on what is going on beyond a one dimensional "global temperature record" that will tell us what the real trends are.There are plenty of climate markers we could be using that will tell us if it is getting cold or warmer, such as Tree Lines, Snow lines on the hills and Mountain sides, long term changes on glacial movement, size of ice fields and so on. 

Yet we focus so much on a single parameter that we could be sniffing down a road leading to a dead end, while the long term underlying cooling that is obvious when you look at Tree Lines, Snow lines, changes in glacial fields, and so on, gets unnoticed by most people. People who always thinks in the short term will always fail to see the whole picture, which is why this petering out "global warming" trend is actually a warning that we ride on small bubbles of warm weather, while the underlying LONG TERM cooling is always continuing. 

That is why I despair when so many people ignore that to focus on a very narrow time frame when a small warming time is visible, they don't understand there have been a few decades warming at a time then a cooling trend, then back to warming, but the 8,000 year trend is always a cooling that accelerated around 3,000 bc.

People need to learn to look at the big climate trend picture!

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