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Welcome members and Visitors
Hello there!

This is a informative board named AGW Skeptics,designed for resources and discussions. It is mainly set up for personal research over various topics that will help you, the reader, understand what is going on in the world of Weather and Climate events and politics that tries to shape the debate.

It is a place people who chose to join and enter discussions on the topics in the GENERAL DISCUSSIONS area, the only place members can post in. The rest of the board is for Resources and my Blog "Lite" area, that are administered by me and Moderator.

It will take time for me to set up the Resources area, as it will take a while, please come back to see the progress.

I hope you find this place a valuable resource for you to tell others about, it is FREE, but please do respect copyright and privacy issues of published material.



Just realized I didn't mention that I was the owner of Global Warming Skeptics, a 9 year old forum that was taken away from me by the server who pretended he doesn't have my account with them. They lied to me, since I can't get the old forum back therefore decided to start over with this new forum.

Please spread the word to help people get baseline information they need to understand what is going on.
Hello visitors, readers.

Thanks to a board member John Who, who worked hard to get this Picture set up in the Header at the top of the board, we now have a way to cool off during the visit.

There are some other changes coming that should enhance the young board, it is after all still under construction. 

Looking for a darker theme that some people prefer, but works only if you join us.  Big Grin

Just like the old forum, this one will grow over time and gain in usefulness as the information accumulates in the RESOURCE area for anyone to use for study and protect yourself against the insidious propaganda that swirls around us every day.



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