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Lord of Planar

[Image: Schematic-diagram-of-the-global-mean-ene...e-best.png]

If we have 340 W/m^2 at the TOA, the "solar absorbed in the atmosphere" of 80 W/m^2 represents. Now of course, this add energy to the greenhouse effect represented by the 342 number, but there is a total of 581 W/m^2 at this point, and only 59% of it is going to the surface, with the other 41% leaving the earth system.


At the 1960 level of about 0.29...

Transmission equals exp(-0.29) or 0.748263568

At 2010 level of about 0.19... exp(-0.19) = 0.826959134

This would indicate with the reflected and solar downforce of 285 total, which is 83.8% of the 340. This would indicate they are using an optical thickness of about 0.162 for the planet. Now this is data I found is one area of the globe. However, it is safe to assume optical density tracks close in other areas of the world.

To get to the meat of this...

If we assume the 75% vs. the 83%, the clear sky solar reaching the earth increases from about 255 W/m^2 to about 282 W/m^2. This is a significant increase of 27 W/m^2. However, the skies are not always clear. If we use the ratios in the graph for the earth energy balance, we get about 26% of that being reflected by the cloud layers. This changes the surface solar forcing to about 20 W/m^2, but this is still very significant.

What do we have if we use the total radiant changes to the surface? This graph represents 160 solar and 342 back radiation, for 502 W/m^2. Now is we had the 20 W/m^2, this would be around 482 W/m^2 for 1960 to 1970.

(502^0.25) / (482^0.25) = 1.0102
1.0102 x 288 = 290.9
290.9 - 288 = 2.9 degrees of increase.

Now we all know the sun cooled down since 1960. Not by much though. The influence would still be over 2 C if not for increased cloud cover. The added warmth allows for more cloud formations, which act as a thermostat, regulating the earth temperature somewhat.

Now maybe the optical thickness isn't as large of a change other places in the world, but this is a most critical part of these sciences that is totally ignored as a changing variable by the AGW priests.

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