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Bob Weber

As one with an engineering degree, I say you’re full of crap.

Proper attribution comes from understanding the natural processes that occurred prior to the event. Oddsmakers need not apply.
This guy got part of it right about the heat pumping in from Africa, but then went on to confusion.

Much of the heat in France came from Africa, wherethe sunshine directly overhead drove hot wind north where it was trapped by surrounding colder air, allowing it to build up in a heat dome.

Let me introduce you to the EPA UV Index map for the US. If you didn’t know, the sun is strongest at this time of year, summer, and wherever the skies are dry the overbearing summer sun will really crank up the heat via high UVI, just as it has in the US this last week.

CO2 had nothing to do with it. Is summer sunshine too technical for you?

If you CO2 guys were so good, a month ago you’d have been warning everyone about the impending Bayesian high-odds heat wave. Instead, you’re all a bunch of ambulance chasers always coming in with a phony CO2 attribution after the fact.

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