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Gavin Newsome and Climate Change
Yesterday, California governor, Gavin Newsome stood in the middle of a burned-out neighborhood and declared that cause of his state's wild fires is climate change. Mr. Newsome didn't bother to say that his state's forestry programs are abysmal. From what I have read, his state’s forests have years of tree grown and undergrowth that is never trimmed or reduced because of tree huggers who want the forests to be left “pristine.”
Here in Florida we have regular programs where underbrush is cleaned up and burned. Sometimes it does not work out so well when the fires get lose during the controlled burns, but at least we don’t have the state and vast neighborhoods going up in flames. We have just as much, if not more vegetation that grows here year around, yet we don’t have his problems.
Yes, I know that California has drought issues, but I thought that most of that was in the southern part of the state. I thought that northern California is not as bad, yet it is burning too. Ditto for Oregon which is now having its issues.
To me the whole climate change debate is about imposing socialism on the economy. When Exxon states that they are developing carbon capturing technology for the coal fired electric plants, you don’t hear one word of interest from the environmental left. The mantra is always the same.
“We need more regulation and state control!”

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