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Since you don't have a sub-forum for new members to introduce themselves, I'll do it here with an outline of my faith and beliefs in no particular order..

1.  I don't adhere to any rigid ideology.  They are all just an excuse for taking positions without thinking them through on your own.

2.  I have a scientific background but nothing that would make me an expert to comment on climate change other than:
          GREEN is the new RED

3. I am a fallen away Roman Catholic of many decades.  I have come to believe in spirituality through the evidence of Ian Stevenson in reincarnation.  I am studying the historical evidence of Jesus and am struggling to come to terms with the resurrection as described in the Gospels.  If there is such a thing as heaven then, to quote Will Rodgers: "When I die, I want to go where dogs go".

4.  I believe in the Republic and the U. S. Constitution as 50 experiments in democracy and the Bill of Rights, all 10 of them.

5.  I don't automatically label all liberals as the enemy.  They are (usually) wrong or misguided but some of them love America, respect the rule of law and are needed in a two party system.

6.  Although it would never have crossed my mind a decade ago, in out changing world, I never go anywhere without a weapon.  I subscribe to the 3 rules of the late Charlie Mike of Bladeforums:  I. Don't be an a$$hole.  II.  Don't hang around with A$$holes  III. If you really think you need a gun to go somewhere ... don't go there.

7.  I've listened to every election since '64 described as the most important of my lifetime.  This time I strongly believe that it is.  

Good luck to Sunsettommy on his new adventure.

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